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Our health and wellness bulletin contains tips and advice to help you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Take a few minutes now to read it to improve your health and well-being! Happy reading!

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October 2017 - Repurpose your pumpkin | Walking sticks | Phobias (PDF - 1 page) 

Septembre 2017 - Local produce | Do you have a virtual training app? | Back-to-school time: stressful for the kids (PDF - 1 page)

August 2017 - Bread, pasta and potatoes: are they really fattening? | Head for the stairs | Adult ADHD (PDF - 1 page) 




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Published on September 6, 2016 
by Jean-David Gagné

Where do you carry your wallet? Did you know that this simple daily behaviour can be the source of several problems or ailments? ...

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